The last few weeks have been very exciting for SeaChain. The new team members have started bringing results already and Seachampion NFTs are selling successfully.

Seachain has behaved nicely, with steady organic growth as well during the past two weeks as you can see below. …

Project progress

SeaChain’s first monthly airdrop for loyal holders will begin tomorrow (19 Oct 2021). The list of eligible wallets in each tier is here.

The first pre-alpha gameplay tests have commenced for SeaChain’s upcoming DeFi game, Sea Champions. The first character was revealed in last week’s update and several…

Project progress

SeaChain has formed a strong team of designers and coders to build a DeFi trading cards game, Sea Champions! Players collect NFT cards depicting sea creatures who need great champions to defend their ocean home from human-caused pollution. Card rarity will correspond with the IUCN conservation status of…

Project progress

SeaChain has partnered with FlatSwap to offer a new farm (stake SeaChain-BNB ApeSwap LP to receive FSWAP) and pool (stake FSWAP to receive SeaChain) starting soon.

We are on the TrackBSC trending coins — please vote for us here.

SeaChain’s merchandise range is in the design stage, some prototype ideas can be seen below.

We are happy to announce that SeaChain ( has partnered with FlatSwap ( to launch a farm and pool on their platform, starting soon!

Like SeaChain’s existing farm at Olive Cash, The new farm at FlatSwap will also require ApeSwap SeaChain-BNB LP tokens. Our partnership with Olive Cash has not changed and farms/pools will be available on both Olive Cash and FlatSwap.

Join the SeaChain telegram channel ( and FlatSwap telegram channel ( for more news and updates!

Project progress

Digital adverts for SeaChain are live on key crypto platforms including CoinHunt and BSCScan. We ran A/B/C tests to determine the advert variant with the highest conversion rate and are now rolling the winner out across more platforms. Adverts on 4Chan just started and are showing good results.

Project Progress

SeaChain launched on ApeSwap on19th September and the migration from POC is complete. All POC holders have been airdropped SeaChain 1:1, except wallets holding $1 USD or less. See how to claim small balances below in the links section.

We listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap on the day of launch.

We are happy to announce that SeaChain will be listed on both ApeSwap and Flooz Trade, a layer on ApeSwap that was made by N26 bank developers and supports advanced features including direct purchase of SeaChain using fiat via a bank card. Flooz Trade have agreed to donate 0.1% …


SeaChain is a blockchain project dedicated to saving the oceans from the quickly worsening plastic pollution crisis. Trade SeaChain on ApeSwap.

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