Progress Update 26 Oct 2021

2 min readOct 26, 2021

Project progress

River Barriers

Photographs (see below) have been released for the two SeaChain river barriers most recently installed in Sumatra, Indonesia (photos below). There are now six SeaChain barriers in Indonesia — two in Bali (Mengwi and North Kuta) and four in Sumatra (Kotoh Tangah, Jati, Kampung Lapai, and Ulak Karang).

Kampung Lapai barrier
Ulak Karang Utara barrier

SeaChain was featured on a popular Brazilian cryptocurrency channel, resulting in growth of the Brazilian Portuguese SeaChain Telegram channel from 5 to 61 members. The video revealed the next Sea Champions character, the Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta — conservation status unknown [data deficient]).

Indian Mackerel, the latest Sea Champions character

SeaChain has made 2 new hires in the past week, adding to the team a web developer to help with our online store and a dedicated social media manager, Maria Clara Guimarães.

The domain has been purchased and the website will launch in the next few days. Artwork has been finished for 5 Sea Champions characters — stay tuned for more character reveals soon!

In the next week SeaChain will be focusing on improving SEO and will launch an online blog about topics related to ocean plastic pollution and NFT games.




SeaChain is a blockchain project dedicated to saving the oceans from the quickly worsening plastic pollution crisis. Trade SeaChain on ApeSwap.