We are turning one year young today!

2 min readSep 20, 2022


Our anniversary lets us contemplate how far we have come since setting this company up, and here are some facts and figures to show our achievement:

  • 60 tons of trash have been prevented from entering the ocean through our barriers
  • 15 barriers have been installed in some of the most polluting rivers in the world
  • We won the SDG 14 award “Life Below Water” by the ESG World Summit & Grit awards 2022
  • We were nominated for the “Game Changers” category at the ESG World Summit & Grit awards 2022
  • We are selected to WebSummit and will be exhibiting at the conference
  • We are launching our alpha game, SeaChampions, this month!
  • We are working on a prototype and MVP for SeaChain Network
  • We are launching our first NFTs portrait!

As our anniversary announcement, we want to let you know that we are offering up to 6000 USD worth of SeaChain tokens tax-free (without our usual 10% fee) in a first come, first serve manner. Furthermore, by buying 100 USD worth of SeaChain, from our liquidity, holders will earn 3 game characters NFTs.

Our NFT drop will consist of 8888 NFTs, of which 8000 will be sold as 5% are for team allocation and 5% will be used for giveaways. The price will start at 0.05 ETH and increase every 1000 hence the 1001st will be priced at 0.06 ETH.

People that are on our whitelist and mint in the first 1000 NFTs will have the chance to win 100 USD worth of banana tokens (one winner), 10 portrait NFTs (10 winners), and 50 NFT game characters (50 winners).

About SeaChain

SeaChain is the first crypto social enterprise that enables the end of ocean pollution whilst increasing crypto adoption. SeaChain created a new business model that allows investors to venture into the nonprofit market by associating a utility token with a Social Enterprise. The model works by using the money invested into the development of games and SaaS, instead of expending it directly on cleaning the ocean. That way SeaChain will multiply the investment and create a steady revenue dedicated to ocean preservation.

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SeaChain is a blockchain project dedicated to saving the oceans from the quickly worsening plastic pollution crisis. Trade SeaChain on ApeSwap.