SeaChain received an ESG World Summit & Grit award

3 min readAug 28, 2022

We are pleased and honored to announce that SeaChain is the Winner of this year’s SDG 14: Life Below Water award at the ESG World Summit & Grit awards 2022. The event is a purpose-driven global conference widening and deepening sustainability impacts. The ceremony took place in July in Singapore and was attended by 100+ executives from corporates, institutions, and government bodies from more than 15 countries.

This award was given to companies that have adopted ESG / SDG in their value chain and are inspiring others with their sustainable performance.

CorpStage organizes the event which evolves around ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) including roundtables, presentations, and networking.

To be considered for the award, projects have to be nominated or apply themselves.

Projects go through four phases

  1. Assessment & Scoring

In this phase, projects are assessed and receive scores. Shortlisted ones move into the second step in the evaluation process.

2. Stakeholder Engagement

In the second stage, companies share details about their projects and stakeholders can vote for the companies.

3. Evaluation by Eminent Jury

Following, the highest voted companies of the prior stage are evaluated by judges. These judges are experts with in-depth knowledge and passion for SDGs and ESG. It is a jury composed of eminent global personalities and technical experts.

4. Recognition Felicitation

Consequently, the winner is elected and all companies are invited to attend and felicitate each other for leading the way and making strides in sustainability.

We are very honored to receive such a meaningful award and want to thank everyone involved.

We are proud of the positive environmental outcome our company has.

Support SeaChain on this mission.

Our story

Marine plastic pollution costs the world 2,5tn USD per year while a new study by two former diplomats with the CONOW Competence Centre for International Relations published in the journal Marine Policy estimates that to hit the targets needed to achieve this SDG the world must spend $175 billion per year.

Researchers estimated that the money pledged right now for ocean conservation totals just about $25 billion yearly. If that estimate is correct, it leaves an annual funding gap of around $150 billion.

SeaChain commenced almost one year ago with the ambitious project of using blockchain technology to fund river barriers in the 1000 most polluting rivers in the world. With 60k raised in our pre-seed round of investment, we prevented over 50 tons of trash from going to the ocean last year.

After a few months it evolved into a much more complex solution that was divided into 3 phases:

And to try to fill that gap of investment, SeaChain created a new business model called Crypto Social Enterprise that will allow companies and people to invest in the prevention of ocean pollution.

We are creating a new opportunity and market for those that are committed to investing in sustainability.

By using the money invested in creating games and SaaS and instead of spending it on cleaning the ocean, SeaChain will multiply the investment and create a steady stream of revenue dedicated only to ocean preservation. Furthermore, it allows the investor to profit by creating demand for the token.

About SeaChain

SeaChain is the first crypto social enterprise that enables the end of ocean pollution whilst increasing crypto adoption. SeaChain created a new business model that allows investors to venture into the nonprofit market by associating a utility token with a Social Enterprise. The model works by using the money invested into the development of games and SaaS, instead of expending it directly on cleaning the ocean. That way SeaChain will multiply the investment and create a steady revenue dedicated to ocean preservation.

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SeaChain is a blockchain project dedicated to saving the oceans from the quickly worsening plastic pollution crisis. Trade SeaChain on ApeSwap.