Hundred DAO x SeaChain Partnership

SeaChain is excited to announce the partnership with HundredDAO.

2 min readAug 1, 2022


HundredDAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization that focuses on solving the liquidity of X2E projects. HundredDAO explores a new path for the game metaverse ecosystem by solving the interaction problems between blockchain game project owners, game guild, and users. With its unique operation mechanism, HundredDAO realizes the fair exchange of rights and interests of all parties: on the one hand, it enables the project party to accurately locate its potential users and quickly deploy the in-game NFTs, greatly reducing the cost of marketing and development, and finally maximize the revenue. On the other hand, HundredDAO allows users to participate in blockchain games and win sustainable benefits with the lowest risk and cost (or even zero cost) in the easiest way.

Hundred NFT is the only governance certificate issued by HundredDAO, which can be used for community governance, proposing and voting, staking and reward distribution, etc (more use cases are on the way). The total supply of HundredNFT is limited to 10,000, including 8400 rare (R), 1500 super rare (SR), and 100 especially super rare (SSR).

More to read about HundredDAO:

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How will our partnership work?

We are looking forward to exchanging knowledge and empowering each other’s community. Loyalty, trust, and transparency is the key value in both communities. We want to provide our communities the best value and have agreed to a partnership as we believe it will strengthen our ability to do so.

About SeaChain

SeaChain is the first crypto social enterprise that enables the end of ocean pollution whilst increasing crypto adoption by developing games and SaaS. By associating a utility token with a Social Enterprise, SeaChain created a new business model that allows investors to venture into the nonprofit market. By investors buying the SeaChain token, we develop SaaS and games, from which the profits are dedicated to deploying river barriers.

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SeaChain is a blockchain project dedicated to saving the oceans from the quickly worsening plastic pollution crisis. Trade SeaChain on ApeSwap.