SeaChain weekly update, 27 September 2021

Project progress

Digital adverts for SeaChain are live on key crypto platforms including CoinHunt and BSCScan. We ran A/B/C tests to determine the advert variant with the highest conversion rate and are now rolling the winner out across more platforms. Adverts on 4Chan just started and are showing good results.

YouTube videos featuring SeaChain from UpNextCrypto, EDSub Reviews, Konoha Crypto, Crypto Hour, and Bubblegum launched recently, and a post on r/cryptomoonshots about SeaChain reached #1 trending in that subreddit.

Governance and team

SeaChain’s governance system went live this week and there are 2 proposals open for voting now; 1 proposal to decide the timescale for future proposals and 1 proposal to decide how to use SeaChain’s own LP tokens. Any holder with at least 100 million SeaChain tokens can raise a proposal for project governance including use of funds in the community treasury.

Social media channels

We have launched our Instagram content strategy, which will be a primary touchpoint to network and connect with ocean-related movements and influencers. There will be some crypto-related content in Stories, but otherwise the Instagram strategy will largely focus on highlighting our impact and creating awareness and initial interest among a crypto-naive audience.

New official SeaChain telegram groups have been created for Turkish, Bahasa Indonesia, and our shilling army. Translation of SeaChain’s core materials (website, white paper, etc) has been initiated, with full translations already available for Bahasa Indonesia.

The SeaChain Discord channel has a new subchannel for governance discussions.


SeaChain’s governance system:



SeaChain shilling group:

Indonesian group:



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SeaChain is a blockchain project dedicated to saving the oceans from the quickly worsening plastic pollution crisis. Trade SeaChain on ApeSwap.