Progress Update 12th October 2021

Project progress

SeaChain has formed a strong team of designers and coders to build a DeFi trading cards game, Sea Champions! Players collect NFT cards depicting sea creatures who need great champions to defend their ocean home from human-caused pollution. Card rarity will correspond with the IUCN conservation status of the animal. In-game factions will relate to geographical regions, while gameplay will revolve around card attributes such as agility as well as environmental factors such as pressure and pollution, which will be modifiable through player actions. See early concept art for the first Sea Champion (the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale, Eubalena glacialis) below!

The team working on Sea Champions comprises Luiz Felipe Lutterbach Erthal (Game Director), Lucas Hauaji (Lead Designer), William Deng (Lead Developer), and Gabriel Contente (Finance Director).

The SeaChain farm at FlatSwap is now active, and the farm at Olive is still offering a great APY.

A SeaChain cryptocurrency credit card is in development. When SeaChain is transferred to the digital account, the holder won’t pay any transaction tax. Our payment system will also be compatible with selected third-party cryptocurrencies native or tokenized to the BEP20 format. These selected tokens may be sent to the digital account and transfers of tokens other than SeaChain will incur a 4% fee, which will be used to buy back SeaChain tokens and burn them.

Governance and team

Our recent poll on how to use funds in the community wallet resulted in a winning result (41.9% of votes) of saving up to list SeaChain on a top 50 CEX.

Social media and marketing

SeaChain will be featured in a video from YouTube crypto influencer Tyler Hill. The video will go live on Friday 15 Oct at 4pm CST (9pm UTC).

SeaChain is a blockchain project dedicated to saving the oceans from the quickly worsening plastic pollution crisis. Trade SeaChain on ApeSwap.