Introducing SeaChain, A Blockchain Powered Solution To Ocean Pollution

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The global plastic pollution crisis is approaching an irreversible tipping point. 8 million tonnes of trash enters the ocean every year, and it is predicted this could reach 53 million tonnes annually by 2030.

Pollution is not just unsightly, it causes the death of 100 million marine animals each year and leads to the destruction of ocean habitats such as coral reefs that are vital to marine life.

The pollution crisis requires the implementation of effective trash management systems and a fundamental transformation of the plastic economy framework with a focus on recycling.

What Is SeaChain?

SeaChain is a decentralised, community-driven ecosystem built on and powered by blockchain that is seeking to be the solution for the plastic economy. We are funding highly effective trash barriers in the short term and for the long-term we are developing a supply-chain blockchain network to provide tools that will support the demand for accountability and transparency.

The River Barrier Solution Funded By SeaChain

We are tackling the problem at source by funding the placement of low-cost, easy-to-produce river barriers in these 1,000 rivers. The first barriers placed in Indonesia are already collecting over 100 kilograms of trash every single day, while injecting funds into the local community through using local workshops to make the barriers and hiring local workforces to maintain them.

Trash is collected from the barriers each day and taken to trash banks where it is weighed and sorted to identify the types of materials and the source of the trash so we can determine how it can be recycled or disposed of and who’s responsible.

By facilitating the removal of the trash and identifying the recyclable materials, we are supporting the creation of a new plastic economy that can supply manufacturers with recycled plastic instead of requiring the creation of new virgin plastic.

The SeaChain Network

Reports show that 91% of plastic products do not get recycled and unfortunately many brands claim to consumers that their products are recyclable, when they are not.

Other brands tell consumers their products are eco-friendly or made of recycled materials, but the truth is in many cases these misleading labels are far from the truth.

Our vision is to develop a green-blockchain network to scale transparent and trustable supply-chain solutions for the plastic economy. We seek to develop tools that can be used to track ocean waste collection data, provide evidence based awarding of plastic credits and create a system to certify the authenticity of recycled plastic products for consumers, suppliers and manufacturers.

We envision that our network will not only support the development of applications and projects with an aligned mission, but we also serve to fund NGOs who are saving our oceans through the networks gas fees.

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SeaChain is a blockchain project dedicated to saving the oceans from the quickly worsening plastic pollution crisis. Trade SeaChain on ApeSwap.