Progress Update 5th October 2021

Project progress

SeaChain has partnered with FlatSwap to offer a new farm (stake SeaChain-BNB ApeSwap LP to receive FSWAP) and pool (stake FSWAP to receive SeaChain) starting soon.

We are on the TrackBSC trending coins — please vote for us here.

SeaChain’s merchandise range is in the design stage, some prototype ideas can be seen below.

Governance and team

A governance poll is currently running to determine how we should use funds in SeaChain’s community wallet. Options include working with YouTube influencers, saving up for a top 50 central exchange listing, employing a social media manager, and other ideas from the community and core team. All SeaChain holders can vote here.

Social media channels

We have released a great new showcase video in collaboration with our partner Pangea Movement — watch it below!